Jagged Alliance 3 release date set for July 2023

Would-be soldiers of fortune will be on their way to Grand Chien in a couple of months. Haemimont Games has announced that the release date for Jagged Alliance 3 is set for July 14, 2023 on PC.

A follow-up to legendary tactical RPG Jagged Alliance 2, the new game is billed as a "worthy addition" to the series that recalls its classic fusion of tactical battles and strategic map-based operations.

Publisher THQ Nordic also released a new trailer to give players a detailed look at Jagged Alliance 3's key features.

The narrated trailer focuses on the depth and detailed nature of Jagged Alliance 3's intertwining systems. As with previous games in the series, players can assemble and employ a crack squad of unique mercenaries drawn from the deep well of action movie archetypes. The mercenaries have their own skills and specialities, as well as their own personalities and relationships that will affect how they perform on and off the battlefield.

Players will need to enter the fictional African nation of Grand Chien to locate the country's president and fight back against the paramilitary force that's seized control of its frontiers.

Jagged Alliance 3 launches on PC on July 14, 2023. A limited physical release, the Tactical Edition, is available for pre-orders.