Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog narrative adventure gets a playable demo, releases in 2023

Get a taste of a new journey through space with the latest game from developer Space Colony Studios. Their new narrative adventure game Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog has a playable demo on PC, as well as a new trailer to commemorate the milestone. The game itself launches in full in 2023 on PC.

You can grab the playable demo via the game's Steam store page. Check out the game's overview trailer and demo release trailer below.

Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog overview trailer:

Demo release trailer:

Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog is billed as the "first installment" in a longer series of games based in Space Colony Studios' Stories from Sol setting. It takes place in the future, when mankind lives in space but is still held down by the gravity of war. Four years after the end of the Solar War, a tense peace persists in the solar system. The Jovian patrol ship "Gun-Dog" is assigned to investigate mysterious signals near Jupiter. A normal assignment turns deadly after an unknown threat terrorizes the crew.

Players will explore the Gun-Dog and conduct investigations in a narrative-focused adventure inspired by classic visual novels and adventure games from the PC-9800 platform. The game's visual style evokes the platform with a distinct green monotone look and full-screen user interface. The story and art style are also inspired by sci-fi stories and mecha anime of the 1980s and 90s. Plyaers will also need to get to know the crew and passengers of the ship to determine who to trust as they unravel the mystery at the core of the narrative.

Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog is in development for PC. A playable demo is available now.