Ecumene Aztec is a survival action RPG set to release in 2025 for PC

Giantscraft has announced Ecumene Aztec, a survival action RPG set to release for PC (Steam) in 2025, where you play as an Aztec warrior defending your home against Spanish conquistadors.

Details about the game are sparse, but Giantscraft states that Ecumene Aztec includes "a strong narrative, RPG progression with blood sacrifices, gritty combat, stealth gameplay, and crafting." via IGN. The game reportedly also includes three different character classes (Jaguar Warrior, Eagle Warrior, and Snake Warrior) along with some stealth gameplay.

A reveal trailer, store page description, and details can be found below.

The newcomers from another world, whom we thought were gods, turned out to be just greedy men. Their blasphemous attack infuriated our deities. Now with the help of Huītzilōpōchtli - patron of war, and Quetzalcoatl - the great protector, I will stop the enemy and free my brothers.

The fights take place in my home, which is one of the aztec cities. Our possessions were plundered, our huts set on fire, and many of my brethren died defending themselves against the sacrilege. Fortunately, I can still save some of the captured.

It is the jungle that will allow me to prepare myself to fight the invader. I know these areas. It is my home. The place where I grew up. I will use whatever the gods send me.

I wasn't born a warrior, but for a proper bloody sacrifice, Huītzilōpōchtli - the lord of war, and Quetzalcoatl - the great teacher, will lead me to become as silent as a serpent, as strong as a jaguar, and as swift as an eagle.

Ecumene Aztec