First official White Album English release set for 2023

Publisher Shiravune has announced that it is officially localizing White Album: Memories Like Falling Snow for English- and Chinese-speaking audiences on PC. This is the first time that the visual novel series has gotten an official English-language release. A Steam store page for White Album: Memories Like Falling Snow is open now. The store page places its release window in the third quarter of 2023 (between July and September 2023).

Shiravune, which also localized the PC edition of Aquaplus' Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten, delivered the announcement via its Twitter account:

White Album was originally developed by Aquaplus and launched in Japan in 1998. Its story followed the protagonist, Toya Fujii, a college student. Toya is in a relationship with Yuki Morikawa. Yuki's rising star as an idol has been putting a strain on their relationship, with the demands of her work schedule pulling her away from school and from Toya. Players can choose to try to make it work between Yuki and Toya, or drift towards other heroines, like rival idol Rina, Misaki, an old friend of Toya, Haruka, a young athlete, or Mana, a high-schooler Toya tutors.

White Album became one of Aquaplus' most beloved games among fans, and inspired manga and anime adaptations.

Shiravune's localization of the game appears to be based on the 2010 remake released for the PS3. Titled White Album: Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide, the remake added new art, voice acting from performers like Aya Hirano and Nana Mizuki, and a new heroine: The freshly-debuted idol Sayoko. 

White Album: Memories Falling Like Snow is in development for PC and is due for release in Q3 2023.