Enshrouded gameplay trailer shows combat, crafting, and customization

Keen Games has released a new trailer for Enshrouded, showcasing combat, crafting, and character customization in the upcoming co-op survival action RPG.

The footage and description can be found below, via Keen Games.

Enshrouded is set to release for PC via Steam Early Access later this year. For more information and screenshots of the game, you can check out the announcement post from May 2023.

Today, Keen Games debuted a new deep-dive gameplay trailer for the upcoming co-op survival-crafting action RPG  Enshrouded, providing players with a deeper look at the games’ combat mechanics as part of a dedicated video series showcasing the core pillars of combat, building and survival.

The first deep-dive introduces players to the harsh and unforgiving world of Enshrouded, which is filled with dangers among the ruins of the lost kingdom and the wretched fog that consumed the world. Players have to fight to survive by locking on to their target, studying the enemies’ attack pattern and blocking or parrying incoming attacks. Once the enemy’s stamina is fully depleted, players can unleash a merciless attack — a devastating blow dealing massive damage to the target.

Enshrouded features a wide variety of powerful weapons to support different play styles. Light melee weapons like swords and heavy melee weapons like hammers and axes enable players to deal with enemies in close-quarter combat, while bows and different types of arrows allow for ranged attacks. Wands are suited for quick shots of elemental magic coming from a distance, and staffs create heavy magic attacks best suited for groups of enemies.

As players explore the world, they will encounter the many different enemy factions that inhabit the remnants of the lost kingdom. The wildlife is dangerous, inhabitants that were consumed by the mysterious fog turned into the Fell, scavengers are scouring through the lands, and wild beasts pose a threat to all who dare to approach them.

In Enshrouded, preparation and strategy are key. Taking advantage of buffs, food and potions and being mindful of enemy types, is essential in conquering more challenging enemy camps. Additionally, players can penetrate enemy outposts using their grappling hook to scale enemy walls, dig tunnels through their defenses or surprise foes from above by gliding into battle.

The combat showcase also provides a deeper look at the level system, crafting and multiplayer mode. By gaining experience points, players can level up and get skill points to unlock more moves or improve their perks even further, allowing for a variety of different builds. Additionally, they can craft and improve their own weapons and armor and unlock additional perks, with special legendary gear hidden across the land.

Enshrouded supports up to 16 players, who can join together on dedicated servers. While exploring the world as a party, players can heal, buff, and even revive each other when challenging the many dangers of the lost kingdom.