Dream Tactics gameplay trailer shows off card-battling turn-based strategy

Developer Spectra Entertainment has a new look at gameplay from its turn-based deck-building strategy title Dream Tactics. The game is due out for PC in 2023, but doesn't have a full release date as of yet [Thanks, RPGamer].

Check out the trailer below:

Dream Tactics takes place in the Dream World, and stars Neru, a young witch. To save the Dream World from danger, Neru will have to assemble a team and take the fight to the Pillows, who seek to trap the residents of the Dream World in an endless slumber. Combat in Dream Tactics takes place on a grid-based map, and actions are governed by hands of cards.

Check out a description of the game taken from its Steam store page. A playable demo is also available on Steam.

Battle The Pillow Legions

  • Over 100 Cards to Choose From! Cards are key to combat in Dream Tactics. Each character can play multiple cards a turn allowing you to perform devastating combos.
  • New Turns Mean New Opportunities! Each turn, every character draws a completely new hand of cards to play. This provides you with a fresh selection of resources to utilize every turn.
  • Prefer Different Cards? Spend points to redraw cards and create the perfect hand!
  • Pillows Galore! During your adventure in the Dream World, expect to find all sorts of fluffy foes. But do not let their cuddly appearance fool you! These pillows are ready for battle and sure to make the sharpest tactician think twice.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Play It!

  • Build Your Decks! Find cards along your journey and use them to build decks for each one of your characters.
  • Trade Cards Between Characters! Build unique play styles by trading cards between allies. Any character can use any card!
  • Equip as Much as You Can Afford! Characters will be able to equip more items as they level up. However, you must strategically balance your inventory as the more powerful an item is, the more cost it will be to equip it.

Choose Your Party

  • Find Others to Join Your Cause! Along your journey, you will find a variety of allies who will accompany you on your quest.
  • With Allies Come Options! Each ally you find brings a unique array of cards for you to weave into your strategy. Choose up to 4 party members to bring into battle which suit your tactics best.

Explore The Dream World

  • Venture Off The Grid! Forged by dreams themselves, the islands of the Dream World offer treasures for those willing to search. But also keep a look out for the dangers that may get in your way!
  • Use The Terrain to Your Advantage! The landscape of the Dream World offers plenty of ways for you to outmaneuver your opponent. Beware that your foes may outmaneuver you in kind!
  • Meticulously Crafted With Love! Enjoy the beautifully surreal landscape of the Dream World. Inspired by the classics of the GBA era, Dream Tactics is our tribute to the greats that came before us.
Dream Tactics

Dream Tactics is in development for PC, and due for release in 2023.