Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga - Legends DLC announced

During today's Guerrilla Collective Showcase 2023 Livestream, Freedom Games and Dancing Dragon Games announced Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga - Legends DLC, set to release 'soon' for PC (Steam). The DLC adds eight new chapters alongside a New Game+ and Super FInal Boss modes.

Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga originally released in June 2022 for PC (Steam). In our review, Scott stated that "Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga pulls from classics such as Fire Emblem and Ogre Battle to create a brand new IP that impresses and leaves us wanting more."

An announcement trailer, details, and some screenshots can be found below, via Freedom Games and Dancing Dragon Games.

Defend the battlefields of Tahnra through eight seamlessly integrated story chapters with Symphony of War’s latest DLC, arriving soon. Face demanding challenges and test the infantry’s resolve through New Game+ and Super Final Boss modes. Experiment with a new army meta and expand forces with 13 never-before-seen unit classes including the Oracle, a powerful shield specialist, the highly mobile Field Cannon, and many others eager to dive into battle.

About The DLC

Return to Tahnra once again in a DLC seamlessly integrating into the story campaign, bringing new strategic options and a completely new army meta. Enjoy eight new story chapters and new game modes such as New Game+ and Super Final Boss mode!

Added Features

Eight new chapters concurrent with existing chapters, expanding upon the stories of your favorite characters and factions to finish out their storylines.

New Game+, allowing you to retain aspects of the beloved army you’ve built up over a playthrough. Experience the campaign once again, this time with the world tailored for a different challenge!

Thirteen new Unit classes, expanding your army-building options even more, such as the powerful shield specialist Oracle, or the highly mobile Field Cannon.

New Gameplay Experiences

A completely new army meta enters the battlefields of Tahnra - necromancy and the undead! Who needs prisoners of war when you can raise armies of ghoulish minions? Raise your own army from the grave and combat other undead legions in the DLC chapters!

Scores of new artifacts, items, traits, and Unique Mercenaries to further customize and enhance your army.

Enhanced final boss mode. If you’re tired of beating up the game’s final boss, try this special, post-game challenge mode to put your army to the ultimate test.

You may have experienced Symphony of War, but are you ready to become a Legend?