Adventure RPG Hermit and Pig announced for PC

During the Future Of Play Direct, Heavy Lunch Studio announced Hermit and Pig, a turn-based, adventure RPG set to release for PC (Steam).

An announcement trailer, details, and screenshots can be found below, via Heavy Lunch Studio.

We're thrilled to announce our upcoming game to the world with our announce trailer at Glitch's Future of Play Direct event on June 10. The FutureOfPlay Steam Event runs June 10-19, where you can watch a rerun of the event and see broadcasts and Steam pages for dozens of new and upcoming indie games.

After a lot of hard work to get our Steam page and trailer ready for the event, we're back to focusing on the demo, which we hope to release in 2023. The best way to stay informed on future beta/demo availability is by wishlisting/following our Steam page.

Hermit and Pig set out one morning to forage mushrooms and avoid human interaction. When a girl from a nearby village shows up asking for help, they are plunged into a conspiracy well above their pay grade, which is zero dollars.

  • Explore: Trek through different environments, nearly all outside of your comfort zone. Be aware of your surroundings and seek safe pathways forward.
  • Survive: Defend yourself against abnormally violent locals! Use your wilderness survival handbook to master combat maneuvers and become a sturdy, agile, old dude.
  • Forage: Collect mushrooms and dig up truffles to increase your chances of survival. Use found fungus to heal, buff, attack, barter, and more!
  • Investigate: Search for clues and overcome hermit-grade social anxiety. Question local citizens to uncover the truth behind the recent surge of local strangeness.
Hermit and Pig