Ys-inspired 3D action RPG Angeline Era announced for PC

During the Future Of Play Direct, Analgesic Productions (Anodyne 2) revealed Angeline Era, a 3D action RPG inspired by games in the genre throughout history, from early Ys to Elden Ring.

An announcement trailer, details, and a screenshot set can be found below, via Analgeis Productions.

Bump into enemies to automatically attack--no attack button needed! This fast-paced and athletic combat experience is easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Intense boss fights will test your skills!

Explore the nonlinear overworld however you’d like. Challenging, ancient dungeons sit near quiet forests, each filled with outrageous hazards, charming creatures, and unholy abominations.

Hunt down the greatest Sinners plaguing the esoteric land of Era. Within an intertwined history of Angels, Humans, and Fae, seek the truth of Angeline Era!


  • Fast-paced combat combining buttonless Bumpslashing, ranged gunplay and jumping!
  • Eclectic levels filled with moving walls, deadly volleyballs, sentient hammers
  • Inspired by action throughout gaming history, from the early Ys entries to Elden Ring
  • Mix and match upgradable weapons and armor for alternate playstyles
  • A nonlinear world! Explore freely, and search the overworld for hidden levels and secrets
  • A challenging core experience, with multiple difficulty and approachability options
  • A world influenced by Irish fantasy and arcane Christian myth
  • From the creators of Anodyne 2 and Sephonie, Melos Han-Tani and Marina Kittaka!
Angeline Era