Nexomon 3 announced for PC

Vewo Interactive has announced Nexomon 3 for PC (Steam), the third entry into the creature collector following 2017's Nexomon and 2020's Nexomon Extinction. The new entry will feature a 3D open world and does not currently have a release date.

An ambient teaser video, description, and screenshot set can be found below, via Vewo Interactive.

Into A Timeless Hunt

Seers, clairvoyants, oracles. A bloodline grown thin over hundreds of generations by what was long thought to be a curse cast upon its unnatural ancestry, is now revealed to be the systemic carnage by an unknown foe. What begins as a mere tale of their progeny's survival soon unfolds into a calamity that beckons the world's past, present and eons to come.

Boundless Adventure

Nexomon 3 unveils a colossal and vibrant 3D open world, immersing players in a massive playground. Explore the breathtaking Aurelian continent teeming with hundreds of unique Nexomon to capture, and engage in thrilling battles against tamers of all calibers while experiencing an innovative combat system. Undertake intricate quests and unveil the enigmatic evil that has confounded generations of tamers.

A Memorable Journey

Nexomon delivers an unforgettable, story-driven experience with a carefully crafted cinematic narrative that encompasses otherworldly adversaries, challenging decisions, and a diverse cast of characters that shape every aspect of Nexomon 3's world. As the relentless Wheel of Fate crumbles, what cruel secrets lie beyond its ruins?

Nexomon 3