Blade Prince Academy is an anime inspired tactical RPG set to release for PC

Publisher Firesquid Games and developer Angel Corp have announced Blade Prince Academy, a real-time-with-pause tactical RPG set to release for PC (Steam). A release window is currently not announced.

A Steam Next Fest demo is currently available on the Steam page. A Kickstarter campaign is also ongoing, aiming to bring more content to the game.

An announcement trailer, details, and screenshots can be found below, via Firesquid games.

Experience the dark magical city of Abjectalia in Blade Prince Academy, an upcoming RPG from Angel Corp and Firesquid. Train a group of punk misfits to become blood-thirsty assassins while engaging in strategic, action-packed combat. As Blade Prince Academy gears up for its Next Fest debut a demo has been made available, giving players an orientation of the Academy. There is also an ongoing Kickstarter campaign aiming to bring more content to the game.

Prepare to dominate the battlefield at Blade Prince Academy. With real-time combat that can be paused at any moment, players will have the power to plan every move allowing them to watch their squad execute strategies flawlessly. Take down enemies with devastating combos and abilities, heal other Blade Princes when they need it most, or retreat and regroup for the ultimate comeback. Battles will be epic and the Blade Princes will need to turn to their talent trees for upgrades to smash their enemies. If players feel daring, they can make a pact that will give them both advantages and disadvantages in battle, creating powerful yet flawed characters.

Blade Prince Academy is a school that trains students to become assassins and protect the city of Abjectalia. Despite the focus on these skills, the environment is still that of a typical school. It is important for students to maintain positive relationships with their classmates at Blade Prince Academy. Throughout the game, you will have the opportunity to form a diverse squad to carry out missions with other Blade Princes - each with their own qualities, flaws, and backstories. Every decision you make throughout your journey will have a significant impact on your fellow Blade Princes and their relationships with one another. These relationships will be critical in determining the best strategy to secure victory.


  • True Real-time With Pause Combat: A unique feature that allows you to pause time during combat to strategically plan out every single movement and attack for your squad. Deal punishing blows to enemies by combining attacks and abilities with the right effects to generate powerful combos. 
  • Talent Tree: Manage upgrades and unlock skills to improve the Princes. As you gain more experience, you will earn access to more powerful spells. 
  • Pacts: Heroes can be endowed with Pacts, granting them both negative and positive effects. This system innovates in the accumulation of Pacts, allowing for the development of powerful yet flawed heroes.
  • Unique Characters: Assemble a squad of different heroes, each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and backstories.
  • Relationships: The choices made throughout your journey will impact the Blade Princes and how they feel about each other. This will affect their lives as well as impact which strategy will be the best to adopt. 
  • Spell Load-out: Equip characters with the game’s arsenal of spells to find the perfect strategy for the missions ahead. 
  • Challenging Boss Fights: Protect the city of Abjectalia from hordes of monsters like vampires, rebels, cultists, and more, all with terrifying powers that will require you to have complete mastery of the combat system.

Get a taste of the action-packed Blade Prince Academy with the demo now available on Steam. Enjoy four missions, including a tutorial and boss battle to master combat mechanics and skills. Join the community's support for new heroes and bosses by keeping an eye on the Kickstarter campaign, aiming to reach its funding goal by June 29, 2023.

Blade Prince Academy