Wild Hearts' June Update adds Alpha Venomglider and Volatile Test Quests

EA and Koei Tecmo have announced the next major update to hunting RPG Wild Hearts, adding a new Alpha Venomglider variant and new Volatile Test Quests.

The details can be found below, via EA. 

Wild Hearts released on February 17 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (EASteamEpic).

Alpha Venomglider, New Weapons, Armor Set, Ornament, New Volatile Test Quests


Summer is just around the corner! But before we all go splashing in random puddles of water after a pop-up rainstorm, we need to set some ground rules. Well, one rule really: If it’s a purple puddle, it’ll probably poison you. With the new Alpha Venomglider around, you really have to look before leaping into puddles.

In today’s content update, the new Alpha Venomglider variant swoops into Akikure Canyon, bringing with it materials for new weapons, an armor set, and a new eyeglasses ornament that, while not offering any benefit to sight, is a curiosity enjoyed by people of taste. This month’s content update also introduces Volatile Test Quests.


New Kemono Variant - Alpha Venomglider

There are reports of a new “Alpha” Kemono running rampant across long-established territories festooned with what appears to be spider lilies on its body. Taking new weapons and armor in hand, rise to the challenge of this latest threat.

After completing the main story quest, a new “Fierce Floral Profusion” quest will be added to the Side Stories section.


New Quests - Volatile Test Quests

Volatile Test Quests have been added to the Side Stories section of the Main Map. These quests allow you to fight against existing Deeply Volatile Kemono without consuming Keystones and with more lenient conditions in exchange for a lesser reward.

These are excellent for hunters struggling to finish off Deeply Volatile Kemono with a single Life Thread, giving you a more flexible opportunity to learn the differences between Volatile and Deeply Volatile Kemono attacks.

Stay safe and stay sharp hunters!