Weapons-maker speaks about recreating Final Fantasy XVI sword in real life

Clive Rosfield, the protagonist of Final Fantasy XVI, is almost never found without a rather large sword strapped to his right shoulder. And in the game, one of those iconic pieces is "Invictus," his signature weapon featured in much of FFXVI's promotional art. To promote the game, Square Enix commissioned the creation of a "life-size" replica of the sword and put it on display in the U.K.'s Tower of London. The item currently stands in the Royal Armouries collection in the tower.

Take a look at the sword below:

Square Enix also published an interview with Tod Todeschini, the creator of the sword itself. In the interview, Todeschini revealed more about his process for creating the replica of the Invictus sword. He also detailed some of the compromises needed to bring a deliberately exaggerated fantasy design into being compared with the more realistic weapons based on historical artifacts.

Todeschini said that he created the sword after being provided with images and wireframe model references by Square Enix. The Invictus sword measures about 48 inches (about 1.22 meters), considerably longer than the typical swords used by 15th-century Middle Ages knights. More concerningly, the sword also weighs around 32 pounds (about 14.5 kilograms), almost ten times the weight of a real-life combat sword. In-game, Clive typically swings his swords single-handed, alternating his strikes with bursts of magic from his left hand.

Todeschini also recorded a presentation with historian Matt Easton, comparing the Invictus with actual medieval weapons:

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