Final Fantasy XVI sells over 3 million copies

Final Fantasy XVI has crossed a major milestone (or is it a malmstone?). According to a story in Gamer, Square Enix has reported that FFXVI has sold over 3 million copies worldwide. The figure includes digital and boxed retail sales since the game's launch on June 22, 2023. Square Enix also announced the figure via the game's official Twitter account.

Square Enix said that it'll continue working to boost those numbers in the coming weeks and months. It also said that it will "continue to develop" products that people around the world will be able to enjoy. It didn't specify whether more projects related to FFXVI, such as spin-offs, add-on content, or follow-ups are planned.

Compared to other recent major Final Fantasy releases, FFXVI was a little slower to hit the 3 million unit milestone. Final Fantasy VII Remake sold over 3.5 million copies in the 3 days since its launchFinal Fantasy XV sold over 5 million in the same period.

Of course, context matters: FFVII Remake was a highly-anticipated remake of a beloved FF classic, and was initially sold on the PS4, which had a much larger install base compared to the PS5. Similarly, FFXV was, for many, the first "true" numbered entry in the series since 2009's FFXIII, and was sold on both the PS4 and Xbox One, taking advantage of the combined audiences for both platforms. In that light, FFXVI's numbers are nothing to dismiss.

Final Fantasy XVI is available on the PS5.