Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2023 merchandise bundle includes polygonal grapes

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest is coming soon, and Square Enix has posted a preview of what ticket holders can expect as a bonus to go with their purchase. The publisher used the official FFXIV Twitter account to preview the "Goody Bag" full of physical, event-exclusive merchandise attendees will receive.

Check it out below:

The merchandise for FFXIV Fan Festival 2023 is contained in a special crossbody bag emblazoned with the Fan Festival 2023-24 logo, as well as the FFXIV 10th Anniversary logo. The zipper pulls are also decorated with the game's meteor logo. Alongside the bag, fans will receive a plush replica of the "crystal grapes". The polygonal grapes are a reference to the use of a simple model of grapes in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. Players noticed the seemingly "low-poly" grapes and turned their unusual appearance into an in-joke. Square Enix eventually patched the game to use a higher-resolution model, but players remembered, jokingly lamenting the grapes' passing. 

Also in the package is a pen shaped like a Loporrit Carrot, and topped with a small Loporrit head, and a keychain replicating the crystal of Azem. A 10th-anniversary pin and a magnet bearing the likeness of a Grebuloff round out the smaller items in the pack.

Check out Square Enix's descriptions below.

Fan Festival 2023-24 Crossbody Bag

No matter where you teleport, ensure you arrive in style with this cool crossbody bag. Featuring three different compartments of varying sizes, the bag is adorned with both an embroidered Fan Festival 2023-24 series logo and 10th anniversary logo print. The adjustable strap means it fits everyone from the smallest Lalafell to burliest Hrothgar. Additionally, each zipper pull is further accessorized with meteor logos. You'll be the talk of the Limsa Lominsa aetheryte plaza wearing one!

Squishable Endwalker Grapes

Relieve any lingering stress after hours of "farm parties" with these truly remarkable squishable Endwalker grapes. If you're ever feeling a little low resolution, simply grab your squishable grapes and remember what once was.

Loporrit Carrot Pen

Whether it's signing the bill for Estinien's latest purchase or a contract from Rowena, this Loporrit-themed carrot pen is up to the task. Don't worry, the pen ink isn’t orange!

Azem's Crystal Keychain

A keychain fashioned in the likeness of Azem's crystal which also includes a Fan Festival 2023-24 logo trinket. Please note that you cannot use the Azem's crystal keychain to summon forth 7 others in a time of need.

Grebuloff Magnet

Be mindful where you place your Grebuloff magnet, as its adorable face may end up being quite distracting.

FINAL FANTASY XIV 10th Anniversary Pin

Celebrate the 10th anniversary whenever you want by pinning this on any manner of glamour you wear.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. The Las Vegas Fan Fest takes place on July 28 and 29, 2023.