Turn-based roguelike RPG Wanderer's Sigil coming to PC in 2024

Polish indie studio Viabo Games has announced Wanderer's Sigil, a turn-based roguelike RPG with procedurally generated world, characters, and storylines, set to release in 2024 for PC (Steam).

An announcement trailer, details, and screenshots can be found below, via Viabo Games

Viabo Games is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Wanderer's Sigil, an exciting new turn-based roguelike RPG that challenges players to navigate through a realm scarred by mystical devastation. They will embrace the role of a courageous team of Wanderers as they navigate treacherous lands, reclaim forgotten knowledge, and fight for survival.

Key Features

  • Procedurally generated world, characters, and storylines
  • Gameplay-altering decisions
  • Dice-building system - character equipment changes the dice
  • Simple, tactical, turn-based combat with dices representing abilities
  • Challenging exploration based on resource management
  • Post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure where player fight for survival

In Wanderer's Sigil, you will be immersed in a world fractured by untamed magic, where the remnants of a once-thriving civilization struggle to survive. As a team of Wanderers, brave individuals who venture beyond fortified enclaves, you will uncover the secrets of a world forever changed. Modify your characters' abilities and skills through custom dice, which play a crucial role in exploration, combat, and story events. The equipment you acquire throughout the game will directly impact the dice you roll, so choose wisely to increase your chances of survival.

Navigate through unexpected events as you unravel the secrets of a dark and mysterious past. Careful planning is essential as you wander through dangerous terrains, selecting your battles and prioritizing your goals. Manage limited capacity, making strategic decisions about whether to prioritize valuable treasures or essential supplies for your survival and well-being. The path to victory lies in your ability to adapt and make the most of your resources.

In Wanderer's Sigil, exploration is fraught with danger. The world you navigate is unforgiving, with hostile creatures and treacherous environments waiting to take advantage of any mistake you make. Undead corpses and corrupted creatures will pose a constant threat, requiring you to be prepared and on guard at all times.

Engaging in tactical turn-based combat is key to survival. As you face off against these formidable adversaries, your strategic decision-making and precise planning will be put to the test. Roll your dice, utilizing your character's abilities, and plan your moves meticulously to gain the upper hand in battle.

The PC launch of Wanderer's Sigil is scheduled for Q1 2024. Prepare yourself for a gripping adventure where the resilience of the human spirit is tested. Will you be the one to uncover the dark secrets of the past and succeed where others have failed?

Wanderer's Sigil