Final Fantasy XVI patch 1.03 tweaks motion blur and camera, adds new control layouts

Square Enix debuted a new patch for Final Fantasy XVI on July 6, 2023. The patch includes a number of minor fixes to the game's visuals, as well as adding some alternative controller layouts.

The visual adjustments in Final Fantasy XVI patch 1.03 focus on adding settings to the game's system menu. These settings include a slider to adjust the intensity of the game's motion blur visual effect. Some players prefer to lower motion blur in games that have it, for aesthetic reasons as well as to alleviate potential motion sickness issues in fast-moving titles. 

Other settings improve the behavior if the in-game camera, allow players to determine if it follows a player when moving or attacking automatically. 

Finally, Square Enix also added three additional controller layout options to the game, in addition to minor bug fixes.

Check out the full Final Fantasy XVI patch 1.03 update notes below.

Final Fantasy XVI is available on the PS5. Check out RPG Site's comprehensive slate of guides for the game at this link.