Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden launches on November 7 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC

Focus Entertainment and Don't Nod have shared that Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden will be releasing on November 7 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam). The announcement was accompanied by a Release Date Reveal Trailer that shows a short cinematic focusing on the lore of its world.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden was revealed at The Game Awards 2022. It marks the second collaboration between publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Don't Nod following the release of Vampyr in 2018. Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is an action RPG that revolves around Red mac Raith and Antea Duarte, a duo of ghost hunters that fend off specters from humanity. A gameplay reveal trailer was also shared last month.

Today, Focus Entertainment and DON’T NOD are thrilled to announce that Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden will release on November 7. This poignant narrative action-RPG, in which you hunt and battle supernatural horrors to alter a tragic fate, is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Pre-orders are open in physical versions and on Steam, with a superb Collector’s Edition available. Get a glimpse of the heart-rending journey ahead with the cinematic Release Date Reveal Trailer!

Prepare for impossible choices and dramatic consequences…

Experience a powerful and intimate narrative in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, where you play as Antea Duarte and Red mac Raith. You are lovers and Banishers—ghost-hunters who vowed to protect the living from the threat of lingering ghosts and spectres. After Antea has tragically become one of the spirits she loathes, you take on a desperate search for a way to liberate her from her new plight.

Enter the lives of New Eden’s communities in a world plagued with supernatural creatures and ancient secrets. Use your wits or combine Antea’s spiritual powers and Red’s powerful arsenal to defeat and banish the souls that torment the living.

Heavy decisions will lie on your path as you decide the fate of New Eden’s inhabitants—be they living people or wandering souls—dramatically impacting your story and the challenges you’ll face. Will you honour your Banisher oath or sacrifice the living in a desperate bid to bring your beloved back?

Pre-orders and Collector’s Edition

  • The Standard Edition can be pre-ordered now on Steam and in physical version for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.
  • The Collector’s Edition is also available for pre-order and comes with a separable statuette of Red and Antea, the game’s official artbook, a Steelbook®, two Banishers signet rings, and the game on the platform of your choice (physical copies for consoles, digital copy for PC) with the Wanderer Set in-game DLC.