Isometric action RPG Farsiders available now on PC

Gambit Ghost Studio released Farsiders, a new isometric hack-and-slash action RPG, on PC via Steam. They state that they have launched it in a beta state because its final story chapter, Act 6, is not in the game yet and will be added in the future as a free update. Acts 1-5 are fully complete and in the game.

Farsiders used to be a project entirely self-funded by Gambit Ghost Studio until it launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign back in April to secure the necessary funds to finish development. It reached its initial goal in less than 24 hours.

Players take on the role of Spectralon's youngest member, Cassandra (or Cassie). On her mission to take down a group of terrorists known as the Soul Syndicate, she was swept into a portal conjured by the Soul Syndicate's leader. Now, she wanders the mythical realm into unknown lands as she searches for a way to stop the Soul Syndicate once more.

Farsiders has players combine spell abilities with skills from Cassie's talent tree to make custom builds with different synergies. Certain talents can enhance the properties and behaviors of spells. Talent trees are divided into elemental affinies that all have unique identities, such as the Dark elemental tree branches specializing in debuff duration and spell cooldown; meanwhile, the Ice elemental tree branches can have enemies freeze on perfect parries and slow movement speed on nearby foes.

Seveal attributes that players wil lhave to consider for Cassie are Vitality, Cooldown Reduction, Weapon Damage, Spell Damage, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed.

A combat guide trailer for Farsiders was released a month ago and more details with screenshots are available down below.

On the Kickstarter project page, here is what Game Ghost Studio had to say about releasing Farsiders on other platforms.

As for other platforms such as Playstation, Xbox, or Switch, the game is planned to be released on the said platforms around Q4 of 2023.

FARSIDERS is an action game inspired by classic legends. Embark on a journey between past and present in a world filled with technology and magic. Adventure through an intense storyline to meet legendary heroes, discover new spell cards, fight and performs various fancy fighting skills against historical villains, and save the world from this new imminent threat.


Join Cassandra or Cassie, the Spectralon’s youngest member who encountered the notorious terrorist called “The Soul Syndicate”.

Things take turns when the leader of the Soul Syndicate uses the dark magical forces to open a mysterious portal that had led Cassie through time into the mythical realm and experience the ancient legend kingdom to stop Soul Syndicate’s mission.


The combat system in FARSIDERS is a real-time hack-and-slash. Unleash your skills and face over 30 different sorts of baddies, and make some actions against thrilling bosses in unforgettable fights throughout the game.

Technology and Magic

Being a Spectralon means you have a choice of weapons to choose from! Whether it’s a sword, gun, or even magic. Collect as many spell cards as possible and combine them with your favourite Spectek weapons to fit your playstyle and defeat your enemy with a deadly blow.


As Cassie dives into another realm, people consider her a ‘Farsider.’ An adventure between “Ostahl” the new world, and “Tellune” the old world. Explore and lead Cassie through this mission to unravel the secrets of the magic realm and live to tell the tale!

Discover the legends

Welcome to Camelot! During the mission, you will meet a variety of new pals, even famous heroes like Lancelot and many more. Get to know their story and embrace new friendships, whether it’s a friend or foe!