Final Fantasy XVI Bring Arts figure lineup is dominated by Dominants

Square Enix has opened pre-orders for its line of Bring Arts action figures focused on Final Fantasy XVI. Announced in June 2023, the Final Fantasy XVI Bring Arts series consists of eight figures based on the major power players in FFXVI.

The FFXVI Bring Arts line is so far dominated by the Dominants, who each host a godlike Eikon in-game. The figures are based on the Dominants' human forms, and each figure includes a selection of swappable hands for posing, as well as the Dominant's signature weapon where applicable. Each solo figure will cost 13,200 Yen (about $95 USD) in Japan. A double pack containing the figures of FFXVI Protagonist Clive Rosfield and his best buddy Torgal costs 25,000 Yen (about $180 USD), allowing fans of the pair a small saving over buying the figures separately.

The Final Fantasy XVI Bring Arts figures are available for pre-order on Square Enix's online store, and via retailers like Hobby Link Japan. Delivery is expected between March and August 2024, depending on the figure.

Check out photos of each figure below.

Clive Rosfield and Torgal
Jill Warrick
Cidolfus Telamon
Dion Lesage
Hugo Kupka
Benedikta Harman
Barnabas Tharmr