Atlas Fallen gets a combat trailer to detail its evolving weapons, the Momentum Gauge, and playing together with a buddy

Focus Entertainment and Deck13 unveiled a new trailer for Atlas Fallen that showcases how its combat system works. Much of it was described in a previous hands-on preview with the game earlier this year, including how the Momentum Gauge evolves a weapon's appearance, moveset, and properties in the middle of combat.

Players in Atlas Fallen build up a Momentum Gauge as they deal damage to enemies. This gauge is split into three segments and as players build up enough to reach the next segment, their primary weapon changes. For instance, the first segment might have their primary weapon be gauntlets and reaching the second segment transforms it into a boardsword; meanwhile, reaching the third and final segment of the Momentum Gauge evolves it even further to becoming a powerful sword whip that breaks into fragments that can fly towards enemies to deal devastating damage.

Each segment of the Momentum Gauge can be modified with enhancement stones that will grant characters enhanced properties on their healing, offense, and defense capabilities. There is also a parry mechanic that will freeze enemies momentarily, if it's utilized properly.

Deck13 emphasizes that the entire story campaign can be experienced via co-op for people who want to play and explore Atlas Fallen with a friend.

Atlas Fallen is coming to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam) on August 10.