Pre-orders open for Final Fantasy X Play Arts Kai Yuna and Tidus figures

Square Enix has opened pre-orders for a pair of premium action figures based on Final Fantasy X. Part of the Play Arts Kai line, the figures are based on protagonists Yuna and Tidus, bringing the Spira-striding pair to physical shelves. The figures are up for pre-order on Square Enix's online stores, with delivery expected in mid-2024.

Being part of the Play Arts Kai line, the figures are built to a larger scale than Square Enix's more affordable Bring Arts series. The Final Fantasy X Play Arts Kai Tidus and Yuna figures stand about 10 inches tall. The Tidus figure is taller at 10.6 inches (about 27cm), with the Yuna figure standing about 9.6 inches (about 24.5cm). Both figures cost 20,680 Yen (about $146 USD) in Japan. 

The figures reflect Tidus and Yuna's character designs as seen in Final Fantasy X.

The Tidus figure comes with a swappable face part, to change his expression to a smile, and includes a selection of hand pieces. The figure includes a replica of his Brotherhood sword and a Blitzball.

The Yuna figure has an additional hair piece that makes her hair look more windblown (the better to recreate her sending dance pose). The package includes her Summoner's Staff and a selection of hand pieces.

The Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy X Tidus and Yuna figures are available for pre-orders via the Square Enix store and other retailers.