Nihon Falcom partners with Promethium Books to bring The Legend of Heroes and Ys to the tabletop

In a surprise announcement, Nihon Falcom's arguably two biggest properties, the Legend of Heroes: Trails and Ys series', are getting the tabletop treatment next year thanks to developer Promethium Books. The partnership was revealed on their Twitter/X account this afternoon, with The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Destiny and Ys: Age of Heroes both expected in 2024. 


While details on both are still rather scarce, the announcement still was able to provide a peak as to what players can expect. Ys: Age of Heroes will be a more traditional fantasy-faire setting, letting players create new heroes that are striving to follow in Adol's footsteps and adventure across the various lands the video games take place in. Trails of Destiny, being a bit earlier in development, will have a more modern aesthetic, tasking players to deal with and navigate the political turmoil and corruption in Zemuria while discovering its secrets. 


Both games will be adapting Promethium Book's in-house TTRPG system, known simply as the Promethium System, which is present in other games of theirs, including the Cursebrand Chronicles.

More will be revealed in the coming months as development progresses, leading up to these games' releases sometime in 2024!

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