Strategy RPG Untamed Tactics releases for PC on August 28

Publisher Ravenage Games and developer Grumpy Owl Games have announced that strategy RPG Untamed Tactics will launch on August 28 for PC (Steam).

A release date trailer, description, and screenshots can be found below, via Ravenage Games. Thanks RPGamer for the heads up!

Greetings, brave adventurers and strategic minds!

We are thrilled to announce that the long-awaited moment has finally arrived. Get ready to venture into the Wilds, as Untamed Tactics is gearing up for its spectacular debut on 28th of August, 2023!

We are overjoyed to finally bring Untamed Tactics to your screens. This game has been a labor of love, a journey that we've eagerly embarked upon, pouring our creativity and dedication into every aspect. The wait has been both exhilarating and challenging, and we're immensely grateful for your patience and support throughout this incredible endeavor. Seeing Untamed Tactics come to life has been a dream come true, and we can't wait to share this adventure with each and every one of you.

So mark your calendars for August 28 and get ready to immerse yourself in the wild world of Untamed Tactics.

About The Game

Prepare to be swept away by the enchanting realm of Untamed Tactics, a RPG with a narrative focus, that comes from the brilliant minds behind the hit tabletop game, Untamed Feral Factions. Listen to the story of Greycoat, a valiant soldier yearning for redemption whose memory of the events of the past may not be as vivid as it once was. Together with a dynamic ensemble of fierce and diverse animal companions venture forth into the treacherous yet mesmerizing Wilds. Brace yourself for thrilling battles against nefarious adversaries, forge unbreakable bonds of friendship, and make strategic decisions that will shape your destiny!

Each chapter of this awe-inspiring adventure unveils a standalone tactical odyssey set in a magnificent 2D landscape. Marvel at the perfect fusion of a compelling linear story campaign and a procedurally generated world brimming with gorgeous illustrations of captivating creatures. From the perilous shores of Stranglevine Ridge to the towering fortress-factory of New Gizmodan, your band of resilient refugee adventurers will traverse uncharted territories, facing both danger and beauty.

Unleash your creativity as you customize your party, adorning each hero with unique Runes and Abilities that will ignite their inner greatness. Embark on exhilarating journeys into the Wilds, where hidden treasures await, new characters yearn to be unlocked, and permanent upgrades beckon, preparing you for future escapades of epic proportions.


  • Engage in tactical combat: Harness the power of abilities and masterful positioning to secure victory. Manipulate the treacherous environment, cunningly luring your enemies into spike traps or perilous pools of toxic ooze. Embrace the power of mystical shrines, utilizing the surroundings to turn the tide of battle in your favor!
  • Parley with foes: Unleash the Parley feature, allowing you to interact with enemies in extraordinary ways during combat. Unleash special effects that can tip the scales of the battlefield and watch as your adversaries tremble with fear, or even witness them switch sides in awe! (or it’s just the false memory of the narrator?)
  • Explore a vibrant world: Immerse yourself in a dazzling tapestry of hand-drawn, vivid 2D graphics, breathing life into the wondrous world of Untamed Tactics. Encounter a delightful array of anthropomorphic animal allies and adversaries, each brimming with their own unique charm and allure.
  • Highly replayable: Discover an array of diverse strategies, intricate ability combinations, and captivating character builds. With ever-changing battle maps and thrilling events offering bountiful rewards and challenges, coupled with streamlined game mechanics accommodating players of all skill levels, there's endless excitement to be found within this wild fray!

Embark on this extraordinary expedition alongside Greycoat, and be captivated by a captivating cast of colorful animal characters, ready to become your steadfast friends or fearsome foes. Aid Greycoat in reclaiming his lost honor, confront the myriad threats lurking in the untamed Wilds, and carve out your place in this peculiar new world. Adventure awaits — will you seize it with unwavering determination?

Untamed Tactics