Crimson Desert reemerges in Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 with a brand-new high-octane gameplay trailer

After a long period of silence, Pearl Abyss has shown off the latest in their open-world action adventure RPG, Crimson Desert

The new trailer features a ton of new gameplay footage showing the vast amount of activities the player can partake in. From large-scale battles to arm wrestling in taverns, Crimson Desert offers a lot to do in varying scales of content. There's also an emphasis on horseback riding in this new look at Crimson Desert, with a lot of combat archery as players ride a steed.

A handful of side activities were showcased too - fishing, playing instruments, caring for animals, riding in a hot air balloon, skydiving, and much more.

Although no relesae date for Crimson Desert has been given, Pearl Abyss noted that it "aims for a simultaneous global release on console and PC platforms."

Check out the new gameplay trailer for Crimson Desert and the new screenshots for it down below.

Cologne, Germany — August 22, 2023 — Pearl Abyss, a leading game developer and publisher, unveiled new Crimson Desert gameplay at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live show that was held in Cologne, Germany on Tuesday, August 22. The show was live broadcasted to an audience of millions worldwide.

The new Crimson Desert gameplay trailer showed significant development progress from its 2020 debut, in 4K high-quality gameplay footage. The video portrays the story of the main protagonist, Kliff, who is investigating events that transpire in the region of "Hernand" and embarking on a journey of exploration through a vast open world.

The video showcases realistic and exceptional graphical quality, highlighting immersive gameplay set in a sprawling open world, consisting of vast regions and cities. Other highlights include environment and NPC interactions, motion captured combat and action sequences which offer a sense of realism and enhanced gameplay. 

The trailer showed off diverse combat, from hand-to-hand and wrestling moves to showcasing how players can use various objects (and their surroundings) against foes set in Crimson Desert's rich open world. From boss fights to duels and battles against large groups of enemies, the footage highlighted the exhilarating combat that challenges players to take out foes with diverse mechanics. The trailer also showed spectacular skydiving, characters climbing buildings and trees, jumping over high barriers, and various mini games such as fishing, arm-wrestling, and taming wild horses. 

Developed on Pearl Abyss' proprietary next-generation "BlackSpace Engine'', Crimson Desert is an open-world action-adventure game. With an engaging setting and realistic characters, Crimson Desert depicts the story of mercenaries fighting for survival on the expansive continent of Pywel. Pearl Abyss is set to deliver a unique gameplay experience with Crimson Desert and aims for a simultaneous global release on console and PC platforms.

Crimson Desert