Dark Souls teaser site probably hinting at a PC release

Namco Bandai have begun teasing for something big that's Dark Souls related - and it appears to be pointing to a PC release for the super-hard Action RPG.

As if a Dark Souls tease after tens of thousands of PC gamers signed a petition asking for the largely PC-ready title to be ported wasn't enough, users of gaming mega-forum NeoGAF appear to have spotted something even more suspect in the latest issue of an Australian PC gaming magazine.

The back page carries a tease for next month - simply the words 'YOU DIED' in a suspiciously familiar looking font.

Namco Bandai, meanwhile, is directing people to an official tease on the Dark Souls Facebook page.

Some also expect DLC, but the tease in the Aussie PC mag seems to suggest otherwise. Here's hoping it is indeed a PC version - or a PC version and some DLC for console users.