Victorian steampunk CRPG Sovereign Syndicate releases a new trailer for Gamescom 2023

Crimson Herring Studios has shared a new trailer for their new Victorian steampunk CRPG, Sovereign Syndicate. It showcases new footage of the isometric narrative-driven RPG in action. A demo for the title was recently released on Steam.

Players choose from one of three playable characters in Sovereign Syndicate. These are:

  • Atticus Daley, an orphaned minotaur magician crawling out of the bottom of a bottle to find a sense of belonging, and his next fix.
  • Clara Reed, a corsair with a checkered past, and a cunning woman with a rebellious streak. Follow her on a search for vengeance, and the courtesan killer.
  • Otto, the trusty automaton and companion of engineer Theodore Redgrave. More than just the sum of his parts, Otto wants more to life than servitude and utility.

The game offers a certain degree of freedom in how players want to proceed; it offers them to tackle things head-on through combat or they can invest in stats that will help them talk their way through situations.

Character building also influences how the world reacts to a player's character. They may react differently depending on a player's selection of their character's gender, race, appearance, and dialogue choices. 

Sovereign Syndicate is coming later this year and is slated to release on PC (Steam).

A Victorian steampunk cRPG with tarot cards instead of dice, Sovereign Syndicate is a deep & multilayered roleplaying experience coming soon to Steam. Deal with the hand you're dealt and find unconventional solutions to the problems of three different playable characters by playing into your role and settling deeper and deeper into the steampunk underworld of this fantasy-inspired take on London.

Crimson Herring is on the floor with a brand new build featuring content from their newly revised demo that launched last week on Steam, the result of all the public feedback they’ve gotten from the previous demo. They're also debuting a new trailer today alongside the event, showing just how far the game has come in the last year.

Sovereign Syndicate is launching later this year, and that new demo is available now, so be sure to check that out & wishlist it on Steam to stay informed.

Explore an open world in this Victorian steampunk cRPG. Choose from three playable characters with branching stories that intertwine. Investigate, interact, and take action to leave your mark on the world and its inhabitants. No random stat points here, use your skills to level them up, and trust your fate to our tarot card chance system.

So, how will you solve your problems? Combat, persuasion, magic, explosives? The choice is yours and all your cards are on the table; but be careful, the docklands aren’t for the faint of heart.


  • A large open world to explore, 20 different locations spread over the city’s east docklands
  • Three playable characters
  • Three intertwined stories to experience
  • Branching narrative and dialogue system
  • Character customization
  • Tarot card chance system
  • Single-player
  • Optional Hardcore mode
  • Multi-language support
Sovereign Syndicate