The Final Fantasy Relay Race returns to Twitch

The time has come again for RPG speedrunning group RPG Limit Break to host its weekend-long relay race, now in its eighth year, showcasing nearly twenty Final Fantasy games, all ran by some of the community's best! The Final Fantasy Relay Race pits three teams (Teams Chocobo, Mog, and Tonberry) in a back-to-back, 24/7 race through the legendary franchise's history. This all will kick off tomorrow, Friday, August 25 at 10 am EDT over on Twitch and last through Sunday the 28th, until the final player finishes. 

RPG Limit Break is known for its speedrunning events that showcase the best that the RPG speedrunning community has to offer with events such as Quest for Glory, the Suikothon, the Final Fantasy Relay Race, and their namesake charity event, RPG Limit Break. This year, the race will showcase 19 games and 57 runners; the games will include Final Fantasies I through the XIII trilogy (with the exception of the MMO XI) and the spinoffs/side games Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Reunion, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest!


There is no better time to check out the latest strategies and routes for these games than this event, and it is a wonderful chance to see if speedrunning any of these games may be something you want to do!

You can also check out all of RPG Limit Break's previous relay races and events on their YouTube channel!