Star Trek Online Incursion update brings new story, Prodigy material on September 12

The next big update for long-running MMORPG Star Trek Online is coming, and soon. Developer Cryptic has announced that the update is formally called Star Trek Online: Incursion, and will launch on September 12, 2023 on PC, and on PS4 and Xbox Series X|S on November 1, 2023. All existing players will have access to the update's content.

Incursion is the 30th "season" of Star Trek Online, and will bring with it an update to its main storyline, which has proceeded since the game launched in 2010. A new story episode called "Taken by Surprise" will follow up on the previous season, May's Star Trek Online: Unraveled. Players will find themselves dealing with the fallout from the tearing of the "Reality Vortex" and fending off a multiversal invasion by the Borg. The story will also feature performances from actor Garrett Wang, reprising his role as Harry Kim from Star Trek:Voyager. The Star Trek: Prodigy character Commander Erin Macdonald will also appear, and will be voiced by astrophysicist and YouTuber Dr. Erin Macdonald.

As with previous seasons, Incursion will also include new multiplayer Task Force Operations. The two new TFOs are "Resistance of Starbase One", where players will defend the Federation's Starbase One against a Borg attack, and "Operation - Guillotine," which will task players with attempting to close the Reality Vortex before more Borg push through. 

The expansion will also add a new level of upgrades for players' starships. After the update launches, players will be able to upgrade their starships to the new "Tier 6 Experimental 2" level (T6-X2) through the use of special tokens. The new experimental tier will add additional slots for gear and starship traits, raising the ceiling on the ship's performance. A new limited-time campaign will award players with a special Borg-themed ground equipment set and a free uniform option based on the animated series Star Trek: Prodigy. 

Finally, a lock box prize pack will give players that have currency to spare a chance at acquiring their own Protostar-class starship. The Protostar-class is the same as the unique starship seen in Star Trek: ProdigySTO Art Director Thomas Marrone posted screenshots of the Protostar-class on his personal Twitter account.

Star Trek Online is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S. The Incursion update will launch on September 12, 2023 on PC and November 1, 2023 on consoles.