Sony to raise PS Plus subscription prices globally in September 2023

In a blog post confirming PS Plus monthly games for September 2023, Sony quietly slipped in an announcement that subscription prices for the service will be hiked across the board. Starting on September 6, 2023, subscriptions for PlayStation Plus across all tiers (Essential, Extra, and Premium) will go up by a significant margin. A PS Plus subscription is required to access online multiplayer in most games, although having one grants access to a selection of titles for free each month, a downloadable game catalog, and classic older-generation PlayStation titles via download and streaming, depending on the tier.

According to Sony's post, the new price adjustment for PS Plus "will enable [Sony] to continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits" to the service. Those who have an existing PS Plus subscription won't have to pay the increased price until after their next renewal date. This leaves some time for players to consider adding time to their existing plans to temporarily lock in the better rate.

The PS Plus price hikes themselves are fairly steep. averaging about 25%-30%, depending on the region and subscription tier.

Here are the prices for subscriptions in USD, Euro, GBP, and Japanese Yen:

  • PS Plus Essential 12-month Subscription: $79.99 USD (up from $59.99), 59.99 GBP, 71.99 Euro, and 6,800 Yen.
  • PS Plus Extra 12-month Subscription: $134.99 USD (up from $99.99), 99.99 GBP, 125.99 Europ, 11,700 Yen.
  • PS Plus Premium 12-month Subscription: $159.99 USD (up from $119.99), 119.99 GBP, 151.99 Euro, 13,900 Yen.

As for the PS Plus Monthly games for September 2023, Sony revealed that all PS Plus members will receive access to Saints Row (2022), Volition's reboot of the classic open-world crime game series, as well as Generation Zero, a first-person open-world survival game set in a 1980s Sweden infested by killer robots. RPG enthusiasts will be able to avail themselves of the Traveler Edition of MMORPG Black DesertMore games destined for the Extra-tier Game Catalog and classics for the Premium tier will be revealed later in September.

PS Plus is available on PS4 and PS5. Its prices will rise by September 6, 2023.