First New World Expansion Rise of the Angry Earth launches on October 3

Roughly three years after it first launched in mid-2020, Amazon Games' MMORPG New World is getting its first paid expansion pack. Titled Rise of the Angry Earth, the expansion will add rideable mounts, increase the player level cap, add a new weapon, and renovate some of the game's playable zones.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

The pre-rendered cinematic trailer shows off events that presage the arrival of the expansion to New World. Change is coming to the game's world of Aeternum, as Artemis and the Beast Lords have laid waste to the southeastern tip of Aeternum. Once known as First Light, the area was once a starter-friendly zone meant for new players. Now known as the Elysian Wilds, it is sealed off by a deadly barrier, and the fate of the people and villages that once populated First Light is unknown.

Artemis and the Beast Lords oppose the "human ambition" of Aeternum's colonizers but bring with them the secret to taming and riding animals. Players will be able to master their own dire wolf, horse, or lion. They'll be able to name their mounts and acquire customizable equipment to outfit them with.

In addition, when New World: Rise of the Angry Earth launches, the player level cap will be raised to 65, and a new rarity tier for gear will be added. Players will also be able to equip the Flail, a new type of one-handed weapon that can be used alongside a shield. Flail-wielders can combine offense with team support with their abilities. 

Aeternum's players will test their new strengths in an endgame-level Expedition called The Savage Divide, where they'll track down the primordial Beast Lords. A new Heartrune ability will allow players to unleash their inner beast, dealing unarmed damage to enemies. 

The expansion will also introduce a new Season Pass, Activity Card, challenges, and rewards, along with Influence Races for open-world combat, revamped story missions based on player feedback, and adjustments to perks.

New World: Rise of the Angry Earth will launch on October 3, 2023 for PC. It will cost $29.99 for owners of the base game but will be available with the base game as part of the $69.99 Elysian Edition bundle.

Today, Amazon Games announced that New World: Rise of the Angry Earth, the first expansion for the open world MMORPG, will launch October 3. New World: Rise of the Angry Earth introduces mounts, new progression which increases the level cap to 65, as well as new gear rarity, weapon, a transformed Zone, a new end-game Expedition, Heartrune ability, and more. Players can discover Aeternum’s next chapter for $29.99. New players can pick up both the base game and the expansion for $69.99 as part of the New World: Elysian Edition bundle. 

In Rise of the Angry Earth, the southeastern tip of Aeternum, formerly known as First Light, has fallen. Once a welcoming place for newcomers to Aeternum, the fields have been ravaged by the fury of Artemis and the Angry Earth. No one is certain what has become of the people and villages that once populated the area, and a deadly barrier has kept all but the most intrepid from attempting to find out. This abundance of earthly powers has awakened the mighty Beast Lords, a new possible adversary facing the people of Aeternum, but with them also comes a boon - the secret to taming and riding animals.

New World: Rise of the Angry Earth players will be able to summon a mount for faster traversal across Aeternum, mastering horses, dire wolves, and lions, each with a unique look, dyeable equipment and a name players can set. Players will also have access to a new weapon – the Flail. The Flail is a versatile one-handed weapon with the option for an offhand shield. Through a combination of melee, arcane magic, and strong defenses, the wielder can bolster their group’s effectiveness without dropping the offensive.