Grid-less turn-based tactical RPG Beast announced for PC, set to release in 2024

False Prophet has announced Beast, a grid-less turn-based tactical RPG set to release for PC (Steam) in 2024.

According to the store page description, in addition to tactical elements, Beast is set in a 'grimdark medieval world' and includes moral choices during battle which can influence the gameplay.

An announcement trailer, details, and a screenshot set can be found below, via False Prophet.

Delve into the insanity of the plague-ridden dark ages in this turn-based tactical RPG where the player sets the boundary of playing as a hero or a monster. Will you exercise or exorcise your inner beast?

Anton Sabbados, a battle-hardened veteran, returns home after years of captivity, is appointed by the enigmatic king-prophet Lurius to lead a mission against a deadly plague.

Anton and his team embark on a perilous journey through the plague-infested Carpathian Mountains where gathering allies, weapons and equipment will be critical for success in gridless combat against a variety of deadly enemies.

Amidst this chaos, Anton wrestles with inner demons and haunting memories. Reality blurs with nightmares of war in each confrontation. He must make a difficult choice. Embrace unearthly powers but risk a descent into darkness, or choose restraint, preserving his sanity and the wellbeing of his team. In Beast the player must exercise or exorcise their inner beast!

Elevate Tactical RPG Gameplay with Moral Choices and Gridless Combat

With up to 40 hours of gameplay, Beast offers a revolutionary take on the tactical RPG genre by introducing moral choices that dynamically influence both combat and narrative outcomes. Engage in fast-paced, gridless turn-based tactical battles. You must choose either to unleash your inner demon for a short-term gain or restrain it, striving for long-term sanity and control.

From the Founder's Desk

"Developing Beast has been nothing short of a transformational experience for us," says Piotr Pacynko, Founder of False Prophet. "We are pushing the boundaries of tactical RPGs by offering unprecedented gameplay mechanics and a rich, mature narrative. Our team of over 30 dedicated professionals has meticulously crafted this atmospheric experience, and we can't wait for players to step into this complex, morally ambiguous world."

Beast will be available in multiple languages for PC through Steam (with Steam Deck support as well) in 2024. We invite you to add Beast to your Steam Wishlist.

Beast Screenshots