Neowiz shares 'Legion Arm Gameplay' video for Lies of P

Neowiz has shared a 'Legion Arm Gameplay' video for Lies of P, showcasing the Legion Arms mechanic found in the soulslike RPG.

The video can be found below alongside a description, via Neowiz.

Lies of P is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (Steam) on September 19. A free demo is available now.

Earlier in the week, Neowiz also released a Weapon Showcase Video.

Neowiz, a leading game developer and publisher in South Korea, shared a showcase video today highlighting the eight Legion Arms in Lies of P. Legion Arms are a unique gameplay mechanic in Lies of P where players can equip and upgrade various mechanical arms, each with distinctive abilities and uses in combat. The Legion Arms include “Falcon Eyes”, which shoots out an explosive charge that implants itself into enemies, “Flamberge”, which emits a continuous wave of fire, “Aegis”, which allows players to guard attacks using an incendiary shield, and five others. The Legion Arms provide players with even more freedom during combat encounters by introducing greater character customization to suit multiple playstyles.