Deathbound gets a 'Steel and Magic' combat teaser trailer

Publisher Tate Multimedia and developer Trialforge Studio have released a 'steel and magic' combat teaser for soulslike techno-medieval action RPG Deathbound.

The video and details can be found below, via Tate Multimedia.

Deathbound is set to release in 2024 for PC (Steam). For more information, you can find the announcement trailer and screenshots here.

No matter the belief, creed, or position, we all answer to the power of Steel and Magic. Tate Multimedia and Trialforge Studio have shared a brief combat teaser for the upcoming Soulslike Deathbound as a part of Realms Deep 2023. Wield the strength uncovered from the heart of the fallen warriors, and overcome the horrors found across the world of Ziêminal.

Deathbound is set within a fearsome reality where Faith and Science clash. Ziêminal and the great city of Akratya is crawling with callous fiends and cutthroat bosses who will push players to their limits. Binding with the fallen warriors discovered throughout the crusade will be crucial if players desire any chance of survival within the vile and dangerous city of Akratya.

Craft catered playstyles by dynamically transforming between the characters discovered across Ziêminal. The fallen warriors provide the opportunity for players to adapt to the many perilous situations they will find themselves in. The teaser provides a sneak peek of the dynamic combat gameplay.

Bare arms as mighty Therone, the crusader of Goddess Death. Become a force of nature as Agharos while swinging his earth-shattering hammer. When traditional sword-and-shield isn’t enough, call upon Olivia and rain lightning down onto unknowing victims. A keen eye may catch a brief glimpse at the devastating Morphstrikes during the teaser as well. Morphstrikes are executed by the combined powers of all the absorbed fallen. On the brink of death, a precise Morphstrike can spell victory against an unyielding enemy.

Face the nightmares found within Ziêminal when Deathbound launches in 2024.