Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ultimate Edition hitting Mac later this month

Square Enix have announced that Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be released in the form of an "Ultimate Edition" for Mac on April 26th, a mere three weeks time.

The 'Ultimate Edition' moniker is earned by the game including the downloadable content from the other formats the title was released on - meaning players on Mac will get their hands on the 'Explosive Mission' and 'Tactical Enhancement' bonus DLC from the special edition as well as the 'Missing Link' DLC episode that fills in a missing chapter in the story.

The Ultimate Edition will also include a 40-page concept art book and a bonus disc featuring a 40-minute making of documentary, a motion comic, animated storyboard, soundtrack and the Square Enix Visual Works' CGI trailer debuted a few E3s ago - not a bad package.

The Mac version of the title has been ported by Feral Interactive, a team which has a long history of Mac ports of PC titles including Bioshock 1 & 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Worms, Tropico 3 and Borderlands.

The title was originally developed by a team at Eidos Montréal, and we thought both the PC and Xbox 360 versions were worthwhile.

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