The Unliving releases on October 26

Team17 and RocketBrush Studio's The Unliving will launch out of Early Access later this month on October 26, after initially entering the program late last year. Throughout the Early Access period the game has received optimization patches, quality of life updates, a new game mode, and more. Alongside the announcement, Team17 has uploaded a new launch trailer for the game.

Players take control of a necromancer in his journey for revenge against humanity, summoning the souls of the deceased to do your bidding - including those of the enemies you've killed on your path of destruction. The Unliving is currently available on Steam.

Tuesday, 10th October 2023– RocketBrush Studio and Team17 Digital have today announced action RPG The Unliving launches out of Steam Early Access on 26th October. Combining rogue-lite and real-time strategy gameplay with a dark fantasy setting, The Unliving follows a vengeful Necromancer sweeping relentlessly across the land, smiting his enemies and reanimating fallen foes in pursuit of an antidote to restore his broken soul.

Since its launch into Steam Early Access in November last year, The Unliving has received a series of updates and quality of life improvements, including a new game mode, requested quality of life features that streamline gameplay, and optimisation of the Horde mechanics.