Bandai Namco releases new Quests Trailer for Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn

While Bandai Namco revealed Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn was revealed last month, during the lead-up to Tokyo Game Show; we've got our first real update on what players can expect from the upcoming DLC with today's release of a new trailer going over some of the sidequests that players can expect. Keep in mind, of course, that there will be spoilers for the basegame in the trailer below.

When we originally reviewed Tales of Arise back in 2021, we walked away from the experience feeling generally good about the package. While it may be a little odd it took 2 years for a follow-up DLC, we're still interested to see what it adds to the game.

Most of the focus of the trailer centers around new sidequests, following up on the events of the first game, now a year later. Alongside the standard affair players are introduced to Reconstruction quests and a "new large dungeon". Players can experience more of what the DLC has to offer when it launches next month on November 9 for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.