Persona 3 Reload Yukari character trailer highlights the huntress

Atlus' latest character trailer for Persona 3 Reload focuses on S.E.E.S. member Yukari Takeba. The new trailer shows her as she appears in the remake, with a high-resolution character model, updated character design, and in the case of the English-language edition of the game, a new voice actor.

Check it out below.

The new trailer shows off story scenes and Social Link activities with Yukari and the Protagonist. The side activities include movie-watching and a date at the summer festival, while the story scenes include Junpei being a creep. It also closes out with a look at Yukari's combat performance, showing off her battle gear (newly redesigned for Persona 3 Reload) and an elaborate finisher attack. As in the original game, Yukari wields the Persona Io and uses a bow as her main weapon.

While Yukari was voiced in English by voice actor Michelle Ruff in previous Persona 3 titles and spin-offs featuring the Persona 3 cast like Persona Q, Heather Gonzales takes over the role for the English dub of Persona 3 Reload. Gonzales' other voice credits include Laura in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, Cocolia Rand in Honkai Star Rail, and Malaya in Octopath Traveler II.

The Japanese voice cast of Persona 3 largely reprises their roles for Persona 3 Reload, and as such, Megumi Toyoguchi will voice Yukari in that version. Toyoguchi also voices Hikari/Dawn in the Pokemon anime, Aqua in Kingdom Hearts, and Sara in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV.

Check out the Japanese edition of the Yukari character trailer below.

Persona 3 Reload launches on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5 on February 2, 2024.