Fantasy action RPG Babylon X announced for consoles and PC

Armenia-based Mighty Boy Studio has announced Babylon X, a fantasy action RPG set to release for unspecified consoles and PC. No release window has been announced.

The announcement trailer and details can be found below, via Mighty Boy Studio. 

Developer Mighty Boy Studio revealed today a first look at its upcoming fantasy action RPG Babylon X! Set in an alternative history of the Ancient World where the Tower of Babel is being built and humanity faces with the impending apocalypse,  the developers set an ambitious goal: to combine the best elements of Western and Eastern narrative and directing, taking inspiration from classic JRPGs such as the Final Fantasy series and Hollywood action-adventure films of 90’s. Babylon X’s trailer provides a first cinematic look of its unique setting and two protagonists Samson and Leykah that players will journey with when this title eventually releases on PC and consoles.

Babylon X is a fantasy action RPG that takes place in an alternative history of the Ancient World where energy, gravity, and its connections with ancient magic were discovered and led to technological advancements in Babylon and Egypt. Players follow Samson, a former prophet who is now a runaway slave and avenger, and Leykah, a young moon cult priestess, as they band together to face the impending apocalypse of their dying world and search for the answers that just might save it. Beyond the epic setting, developers will focus on delivering a simple human story that with an emotional and personal tone for players – during the journey protagonists will get to know themselves, find a new purpose in life, and maybe even fall in love.

Beyond the beautifully crafted universe, Babylon X will contain a robust action combat system with tactical elements, a unique magic casting system, a dynamic semi-open world to explore, solve puzzles and interact with intelligent NPCs. In addition to all this, players can look forward to:

  • Customizable Adventurers – As players adventure with both Samson and Leykah, a wide range of gadgets, weapons, abilities, and magic will be available for players to choose their style of play that best suits them as they traverse the dangers that await in the Ancient World.

  • All-new fantasy setting to explore – The Alternative Ancient World combines the popular images of Babylon and Egypt mixed with techno-fantasy. Players revisit a fresh approach to the legend of the Tower of Babel with a unique non-canonically fantasy telling of the mythical tower.

  • Robust combat and magic systems – Players will experience a robust action combat and spellcast system which prioritizes (and rewards) controlling the battlefield, find enemy vulnerabilities, combine weapons and abilities, and use the environment to dominate. Players will also be introduced to the GraviOrb, a universal tool allowing the use of gravity force for both exploration and encounters.

  • Role playing with meaningful choices and impacts: Bablyon X is a dynamic world where events are triggered not only by scripts alone, but also by the grey morality and choices that players will be asked to make.  With an original narrative system with interactive cutscenes, its world does not fit into the black and white morality, forcing players to make difficult choices along the way that will have real impacts on the world around them.