First look at Final Fantasy XIII-2's Gilgamesh, PuPu and Assassin's Creed outfit

Square Enix Japan has officially announced the next round of DLC for FFXIII-2. That said, they've also provided us with a fresh batch of new screenshots.

Available from April 10th on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, Giglamesh (FFV) and PuPu (FFVIII) will be added to the coliseum for $3.99/320MSP and $1.99/160MSP respectively. Gilgamesh's battle will come complete with a brand new music track.

Noel's previously announced Assassin's Creed themed outfit will be available for $2.99/240MSP, while the fan favorite custome for Serah will be up for download free of charge.

Check out the first artwork and screenshots below, and even more in the Media Vault.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots
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