Fall Guys collaboration event in Final Fantasy XIV falls into an October 31st release date

The release date for the Fall Guys collaboration event in Final Fantasy XIV has been revealed to start on October 31st. This event is limited, running for two months until December 31st.

In this event players can participate in Blunderville shows, located in the Gold Saucer, which feature levels from the Fall Guys game replicated into FFXIV. A trailer released last week showcases the combination of the levels using FFXIV effects like the area-of-affect markers and creatures like Typhon.

Participating in these shows will give players Manderville Gold Saucer Fame (MGF). These funds can be exchanged for prizes, including new minions such as the Pegwin and Pink Bean, various cosmetics including the coveted crown and furniture featuring Fall Guys obstacle course pieces.

In order to access the event players will need to have reached at least level 15, and completed one of the three main scenario quests which give them access to the Manderville Gold Saucer (The Gridanian/Ul'Dahn/Lominsan Envoy), following that they must also complete the "It Could Happen to You" quest. Then they can begin the event during the period by starting the "Just Crowning Around" quest.

More details, including the full list of rewards, can be found on the Lodestone. The Fall Guys side of the collaboration has already ended.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PS4, PS5, and PC. The yearly All Saint's Wake event will be running concurrently for some of the event period.