Jagged Alliance 3 deploys on November 16 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One

Haemimont Games and THQ Nordic have announced that Jagged Alliance 3 will be releasing on November 16 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Those who pre-order the game on those platforms will also gain early access to it and will allow those players to start playing it 48 hours before it officially launches.

Jagged Alliance 3 released earlier this year in July on PC. Adam thought highly of it in his RPG Site review of the title, despite being a complete newcomer to the series.

Haemimont Games and THQ Nordic mentioned that the multiplayer funcitionality in these console versions of Jagged Alliance 3 will allow for 'cross-gen' within the same system line, but not true 'cross-play' in-between them. That means PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 players can play together, while Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One players can play together - but not PlayStation and Xbox players together.

A pair of new trailers were released for the console version of Jagged Alliance 3 that provide a detailed 7-minute breakdown of how the game will control on PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

Jagged Alliance 3 - PlayStation Controller Guide

Jagged Alliance 3 - Xbox Controller Guide

Our strategy game of the year, Jagged Alliance 3, arriving on consoles this November 16th. We understand that some players may wonder: how does a turn-based strategy game translate to a console experience? Is it as enjoyable with a controller, or does it feel cumbersome?

To address these questions, we've put together an insightful video, offering a comprehensive look at Jagged Alliance 3's gameplay and demonstrating precisely how it fares with a controller instead of a typcial PC mouse and keyboard setup. Join us for an exciting journey into the world of tactical gaming on consoles!

The critically acclaimed turn-based tactics/strategy game, Jagged Alliance 3, is set to launch on PlayStation and Xbox on November 16th,  extending an enticing 20% discount to people who pre-order and are dedicated to liberating the nation of Grand Chien! And that's not all - by pre-ordering, you'll also gain early access: Jagged Alliance 3 starts 48 hours prior to the official release for all pre-orders.

Jagged Alliance 3 will be available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as on Xbox One and the Xbox Series S/X. The multiplayer functionality will be 'cross-gen', allowing PlayStation 4 players to team up with their PlayStation 5 buddies, and Xbox One users to join forces with those on Xbox Series S/X. The game hits the shelves on November 16th, with a suggested retail price of $59.99 / €59.99 / £49.99.