CI Games reveals 2023 Roadmap for Lords of the Fallen

When we reviewed Lords of the Fallen (2023) last month, we came away from it feeling pretty good about the overall experience - though we did have some misgivings with certain aspects of the game, such as mob density and some other issues. While developer Hexworks have been working on improving the game with performance and stability improvements, they've also been quick to implement some changes requested by the community - and they're not done yet. Publisher CI Games have revealed a roadmap for new content and improvements planned to be added to the game through the end of the year - and prelimenary plans for continued support even further into the future. 

It was recently revealed that Lords of the Fallen had surpassed 1 million sales, so it seems likely that support will continue into the foreseeable future, as long as both CI Games and Hexworks desire to do so.

Tuesday, 7 November 2023 – HEXWORKS, a CI Games studio, has today announced a packed schedule of content for Lords of the Fallen, revealing the dark fantasy action-RPG’s roadmap for the rest of the year. Following the successful Halloween-themed ‘Season of the Bleak’ at the end of October, two further events will take place before the New Year, each bringing fresh content to dark crusaders across Mournstead. The roadmap also includes a regular weekly cadence of updates focusing on bringing further stability, performance optimisation, and balancing improvements to the game, including its online cross-play experience.

Multiple new questlines will be added before year’s end, with the opportunity to unlock some unique armour sets and weapons (some of which have been co-created with the community themselves during collaborative livestreams). Furthermore, players can look forward to 12 new spells, new finisher attacks, and a whole host of community-requested features, including the recently revealed New Game Plus (NG+) modifier system – a first for the genre, and highly anticipated by the Lords of the Fallen community.

"At HEXWORKS, we’re incredibly proud of the open relationship we're fostering with our community. We are actively listening to their constructive feedback and working diligently to deliver what we believe, collectively, will elevate Lords of the Fallen even further. Every addition to the game is a labour of love, as we strive to push both itsand the genre’s boundaries," affirmed Saül Gascon, Head of Studio.

This pipeline of free content follows hot on the tracks of an already packed schedule since the title’s launch on 13th October. Working very closely with its passionate player base, HEXWORKS has been quick to implement user feedback, including reducing mob density, increasing boss difficulty, and restoring vestiges to NG+ as part of the studio’s plan to expand the mode.

Further support is also planned, with more information to be announced at a future date. Lords of the Fallen is available to buy now on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation®5.