Dustgrave introduces its Record and Combat Systems in its Dev Diaries for the upcoming sandbox RPG

Developer Innervoid Interactive and publisher Digital Tribe detailed more about their upcoming sandbox RPG, Dustgrave, in its first two developer diaries for the title. They focus on its Record system that keeps track of every action players have done and its combat system to show off how battles are conducted.

In Dustgrave, any meaningful action whether it's "good" or "bad", will be recorded and NPCs will react accordingly to your record of actions. Positive and negative modifers will be applied to certain NPC interactions depending on what you've done; if you slayed an enemy of an NPC, your next interaction in them may have positive modifiers applied. Certain modifier combinations can unlock special events or even allows you to join a faction in the right circumstances.

Meanwhile, the combat system details the turn-based nature of battles. Each character is granted two action points on their turn; simple actions consume 1 AP and more powerful actions consume all 2 AP. Weapons have access to a Fast and Strong Attack that take 1 AP and 2 AP, respectively. Magic attacks come in the form of Simple and Empowered Spells that also use AP in a similar manner. 

There are also generic actions, such as guarding and dashing, that players can access as well. Characters even have a shout command to boost morale to nearby allies; some characters can turn their shouts into offensive actions.

Dustgrave is set to release in 2024 for PC (Steam).

Learn more about Dustgrave's Record and Combat systems in the developer diaries below.

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