Sand Land shares more info on its Dungeons and Subquests in a Dev Diary

Bandai Namco Entertainment has provided a new developer diary for Sand Land. This time, Sand Land producer Keishu Minami and Samanta talk about dungeons and subquests in the upcoming open world action RPG based on the Akira Toriyama manga.

Dungeons in Sand Land are places where players can collect materials to strengthen their vehicles. To explore further and further into a dungeon, players will have to rely on their vehicles to clear the path for them to traverse onward. One of the dungeons shown off is the ruins of an aerial battleship.

Subquests are also an important element in Sand Land. The game will let players develop a home base that can be expanded as more residents are added when compleing subquests. This, in turn, will open up new shops and features inside the base.

Sand Land is coming to the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam). A release date has not been announced. 

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Samanta: Hello and welcome back to our Sand Land deep dive video series! We've got different scenery around us compared to last time, so I'm sure we have some exciting information to share today, right Minami-san?

Keishu Minami: Hi I'm the producer of Sand Land, Keishu Minami. Continuing from last time, I hope to provide you with some information that you will be interested in!

Samanta: This time, I'd like to know where you can explore, and what kind of things you can do in the world of Sand Land. In the trailers released so far, there are some pretty interesting places and buildings besides the desert.

Keishu Minami: That's right. First of all, of course, you can explore the desert where Sand Land is set as Beelzebub, as well as the Demon Village itself, where Rao visits Beelzebub to tell him about the Legendary Spring. You can get a glimpse of how the demons live in this world, so please take a look around every corner.

Samanta: There are so many charming demons, I'd love to see them in various locations!

Keishu Minami: In addition to that, you can visit various other places in the game, such as village ruins, towns where people live, military bases, and dungeon ruins, so there's quite a bit worth exploring. 

Samanta: I see. With so many places to explore, is the map quite large?

Keishu Minami: Yes, it was designed to be large enough for the players to really enjoy it. There are large dungeons divided into levels, as well as small and medium-sized dungeon ruins, so I hope everyone looks forward to what we're creating.

Samanta: Dungeon is a key word that I am quite interested in. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Keishu Minami: Of course! As I mentioned in the last time, vehicles are the key to battle and exploration in this game. As I also mentioned, you can customize your vehicles, and the materials needed for customization can be obtained from ores and treasure chests along the way. Among them, there are high grade materials in the dungeon, which can be used to develop and enhance parts.

Samanta: We can build stronger vehicles through dungeon crawling.

Keishu Minami: Yes, and we also have variations in dungeons. For example, one of the dungeons is an aerial battleship. I think it'll become clear as you progress through the main story, but a major war occurred in the past in this world, which caused things to be crashed and abanadoned, and you can explore them. Walls, rubble, and containers that were being moved by crane are still there, blocking your way, and you will need vehicles to break through them. Various debris and walls can be shot and destroyed with your tank, and in this way you can advance to other levels and explore the giant battleship.

Samanta: The vehicles play a big role here as well! It looks like a lot of fun to explore the dungeon and not just look for materials.

Keishu Minami: Yes, there are various dungeons besides the battleship, so please try visiting all the different ones!

Samanta: Since this game is an action RPG, do you progress by going through the main story? 

Keishu Minami: There's a story mode to follow, but we also have subquests that allow you to learn about the world of Sand Land more deeply, and are one of hte most important elements of the adventure. First, Beelzebub and his companies will build a base camp for their adventures. The base will be introduced in detail in the next Dev Diary, but there will be a store that sells items to restore Beelzebub's health and materials for developing vehicles, as well as a place where you can customize your vehicles. As you solve the problems of those in need through sub-quests, they will come to to the base as residents, and new items will be added to the lineup. A paint shop will open where you can change the color of your vehicle, and an exchange shop will be set up where you can replace items you no longer need with other items.

Samanta: It looks like you can do quite a bit more than just progress through the main story!

Keishu Minami: Yes, through the sub-quests, the range of play will expand, and we hope that you will be proactive in exploring them.

Samanta: There are various places hidden in the desert that can be explore, more things to do through sub quests, and other exciting things that we heard about today!

Keishu Minami: Yes, I hope that players will visit various places to make new discoveries and enjoy the interactions and drama that can be experienced through the unique setting of Sand Land, where both humans and demons live together, by becoming Beelzebub!

Samanta: Thanks for watching, and as always don't forget to follow the official Sand Land accounts linked below for the latest updates! See you next time! Bye bye!