Latest round of Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC available today in North America

If you've been following any sort of Square Enix news, you'll know that new DLC content has been released for FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 beginning today.

Square Enix USA has officially confirmed that North American PlayStation Network and Xbox Live users will have access to all previous content announced for Japan. This includes:

Noel’s Assassin’s Creed costume â–¬ $2.99/240MSP
Serah’s Style and Steel costume â–¬ Free
Coliseum: Gilgamesh â–¬ $3.99/320MSP
Coliseum: PuPu â–¬ $1.99/160MSP

They've also included a batch of English screenshots as well as an English version of the Assassin's Creed video we posted previously. You can check it all out for yourself below, or over in the Media Vault.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots
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