Final Fantasy XVI DLC revealed: Echoes of the Fallen launches, The Rising Tide available in Spring 2024

Square Enix took the spotlight at the 2023 Game Awards to drop information about Final Fantasy XVI DLC. The game's first pack is called "Echoes of the Fallen", and is available now. The second is called "The Rising Tide", and will launch in Spring 2024.

Check out the trailer here:

The Final Fantasy XVI DLC will include story chapters, set before the game's conclusion. Echoes of the Fallen delves into more from the Fallen, an ancient civilization that colonized Valisthea long before the events of the game. Many Valisthean communities are settled in and around the ruins of Fallen machines and structures. The DLC chapters appear to show Clive and party exploring a Fallen facility, and coming into conflict with an "Eikonoclastic Defense System", from which the game's "Eikons" take their name.

Final Fantasy XVI: Echoes of the Fallen is available on PS5 now.

The second DLC pack is titled "The Rising Tide" and appears to involve the character Vivian Ninetales, who serves as Clive's strategy tutor in the main game. Clive and company visit the land of Meracydia. Battle clips from the trailer show Clive using new Eikonic powers derived from what appears to be Leviathan. An enemy that appears to be patterned after iconic Final Fantasy foe the Tonberry also shows up.

Final Fantasy XVI: The Rising Tide will launch in 2024. Players who purchase the Expansion Pass for the game will receive both packs at a discount.

On the topic of PS5 exclusivity, the DLC trailer states that FFXVI and its DLC won't be available on "other formats" until at least December 31, 2023. The implication for this is that a PC port, which is already confirmed, could show up as early as Q1 2024, or sometime after it.

Final Fantasy XVI DLC Screenshots