Persona 3 Reload Game Awards trailer features Social Links and Tartarus exploration

Atlus showed off even more from Persona 3 Reload in its 2023 Game Awards trailer. The trailer featured footage of various Social Links from the game, as well as glimpses of Tartarus dungeon environments and snippets of battle.

Check it out below:

The two-minute trailer showed off even more footage from the game's Social Links and daily life segments, including moments from Social Links with non-SEES characters like Akinari Kamiki, Kenji Tomochika, Nozomi Suemitsu, and Yuko Nishiwaki. All of these Social Links were present in the original game.

The trailer also featured a glimpse of Shinjiro Aragaki, whose character teaser debuted earlier:

Shinjiro Aragaki is a delinquent student and a friend of Akihiko. He has a connection to SEES and his outwardly cold presentation belies a gentler, more sensitive true self. He wields the Persona Castor, and is voiced in English by Justice Slocum, who voiced characters in Lost Judgment, Yakuza: Like A Dragon, and Street Fighter 6. In Japanese, Shinjiro is voiced by Kazuya Nakai, who voices Zoro in One Piece, Hijikata in Gintama, and Eustace in Granblue Fantasy.