Mother-inspired RPG Atlas Wept arrives on January 17, 2024 for PC

Developer Kbojisoft and publisher Wings announced that Atlas Wept is releasing on January 17, 2024 for PC (Steam). It'll be priced at $7.99 USD with English-language support.

Atlas Wept has players alternate control two separate casts of characters with their own individual set of quests and stories. Dezi and Charlie set off to find the source of a personality-erasing force, while Hal and Lucky must uncover the truth behind Gigi the Robot Dog's existence. The title draws inspiration from Mother and Undertale to deliver a journey told from the perspective of children.

Combat in Atlas Wept is turn-based and characters have a chance to deal extra damage if players execute a timed hit successfully. When enemies attack, players can control a cursor in a designated zone on the screen to avoid attacks and reduce damage. Magic attacks fill a stun bar; when enemies are stunned, they are more vulnerable to melee damage.

People can also make adjustments to their party's stats and abilities via the Stamp Book system.

Find out more about Atlas Wept down below with the release date trailer, description, and several screenshots.

Atlas Wept, the retro-inspired RPG mixing turn-based combat and bullet hell action by solo developer Kbojisoft, sets out for an adventure of self-discovery for PC via Steam on Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024. 

On a distant planet enshrouded in peculiar mysteries, two groups of wayward children embark on dangerous journeys. Guide Dezi and Charlie closer to the origin of a malevolent personality-erasing force, and learn more about the planet as Hal and Lucy seek out the truth behind Gigi the Robot Dog’s existence. Alternate between each group across twelve chapters, piecing together the narrative threads that bind them and the appearance of the malevolent Grins.

Observe the events unraveling between the eclectic cast of heroes as they experience hardships through the lens of children, witnessing and learning to question the cruelties of the world. View the evolution of the core cast as they rely on one another to overcome challenges, learn lessons, and foster compassion and sincerity along the way.

Explore colorful locations across the world, such as underground temples, moss caverns, abandoned train stations, snow-capped mountains, and even a massive garbage dump. Traverse these various landscapes, encountering eerie beings known as the Grins, whose Cheshire Cat-like smiles belie a dark truth. Chuckle at cheeky dialogue, solve light puzzles, and engage in rewarding and accessible action mini-games during combat encounters.

Atlas Wept’s old-school RPG sensibilities meld classic turn-based battles with action-inspired minigames to create a fast-paced and satisfying gameplay loop. Assume direct control to dodge enemy attack patterns similar to bullet hell sections that differ depending on the foe. Deliver enough damage to stun enemies, affording characters a few crucial turns to deal massive damage. Experiment with the Stamp Book to adjust stats and customize the party’s abilities.

“Atlas Wept is both a love letter to classic RPGs and an exploration of a story and characters I’ve had on my mind for years,” said Robbie Charlotte Lee, Owner and Founder of Kbojisoft. “My goal was to create an empathy-driven narrative that serves as a look at humanity and the spectrum of emotions enveloped in it, all within an entertaining package!” 

Atlas Wept releases on PC via Steam on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, for $7.99 USD with English-language support.

Atlas Wept