Persona 3 Reload screenshots detail Aigis, Ken, Koromaru, Shinjiro, the Velvet Room, and town activities

Atlus has released new screenshots and information for Persona 3 Reload, detailing Aigis, Ken, Koromaru, Shinjiro, the Velvet Room, and town activities.

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The information can be found below with screenshots in the gallery, via Atlus.

Persona 3 Reload is set to release on February 2, 2024, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (Steam).

This remake updates the classic combat uniforms worn by the party members when exploring Tartarus. Check out all-new character art of Aigis, Koromaru, Ken, and Shinjiro in their new gear!

Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad New S.E.E.S. Combat Uniform

Aigis (VA: Dawn M. Bennett)

  • Weapon: Firearms​
  • Unique Persona: Palladion​
  • Specialization: Support, Piercing​
  • Theurgy: Orgia Mode​

A mechanical fighter with firearms installed throughout her body.

Her Theurgy delivers heavy pierce damage to all enemies regardless of affinity. Afterwards, she will enter the automated Orgia Mode, powering up her attack and defense while acting on her own for three turns.

Aigis’s Persona: Palladion

Aigis’s unique Persona is Palladion. In ancient Greece, this referred to a type of holy statue that was meant to protect its home city—in particular, the statue of Athena that the Greeks stole from the Trojans.

Ken Amada (VA: Justine Lee)

  • Weapon: Spear​
  • Unique Persona: Nemesis​
  • Specialization: Light​
  • Theurgy: Divine Retribution​

A young boy who uses a long spear to make up for his short stature. His unique Persona is Nemesis.​

He specializes in light skills. His Theurgy, Divine Retribution, deals heavy light damage to one enemy regardless of affinity.

Ken’s Persona: Nemesis

Ken’s unique Persona is Nemesis. In Greek mythology, she was known as a goddess embodying divine retribution for the sin of hubris. However, she had a different role as well—one who calmed gods who had flown into a rage.


  • Weapon: Dagger​
  • Unique Persona: Cerberus​
  • Specialization: Dark​
  • Theurgy: Hound of Hades​

A nimble dog who fights with a dagger in his mouth. His unique Persona is Cerberus.

He specializes in dark attacks. His Theurgy, Hound of Hades, deals heavy dark damage to a single enemy regardless of affinity.

Koromaru’s Persona: Cerberus

Koromaru’s unique Persona is Cerberus. In Greek mythology, he was known as the three-headed guard dog of Tartarus. He served under Hades, and watched for anyone trying to get into the land of the dead—or out.

Shinjiro Aragaki (VA: Justice Slocum)

  • Weapon: Axe/Hammer​
  • Unique Persona: Castor​
  • Specialization: Physical​
  • Theurgy: Bleeding Fury​

A heavy hitter wielding large weapons like battle axes and war hammers. His unique Persona is Castor.

He specializes in physical skills of all types. His Theurgy, Bleeding Fury, deals heavy strike damage to one enemy regardless of affinity.

Shinjiro’s Persona: Castor

Shinjiro’s unique Persona is Castor. A hero in Greek mythology. He was the elder brother of Polydeuces, but they had different fathers, leaving Castor without his brother's immortality. He was renowned for his skill on horseback.

Velvet Room

The Velvet Room is a special location that only the Protagonist can enter.

Here, you can use Persona Fusion to combine the Personas you’ve obtained into new ones, and register the current level of Personas you’ve trained into the Persona Compendium.

The Velvet Room is a mysterious place between dream and reality, mind and matter. Here, with the help of its residents Igor and Elizabeth, you can strengthen the Persona abilities the Protagonist holds. Persona Fusion is an invaluable tool for bolstering your capabilities and facing the Dark Hour prepared.

Master of the Velvet Room: Igor (VA: Kirk Thornton)

An old man with an unusually long nose and lanky limbs. As master of the Velvet Room, he is the only one who can perform Persona fusions. He welcomes the Protagonist as his "guest" and aids him in strengthening his Persona abilities.

Resident of the Velvet Room: Elizabeth (VA: Tara Platt)

A resident of the Velvet Room, acting as elevator operator and managing the records of the Protagonist's Personas. After spending all of her time in the Velvet Room, she has become very curious about the outside world and will occasionally make requests of the Protagonist in hopes of learning more about it.

Persona Fusion

Persona Fusion allows you to combine different Personas you've obtained to create new ones. There are multiple fusion types, such as Dyad fusion (combining 2 Personas) and Special Fusion (combining 3 or more Personas). You can also use Search Fusion to check what Personas you can create with the ones you currently have.

Persona Compendium

Personas you obtain from battle and fusion will be registered in the Persona Compendium. Once a Persona has been registered, you can summon it again for a monetary fee.

Persona Conception

Occasionally during Persona Fusion, the created Persona may come bearing an item. Level one of these Personas up to a certain point to receive it.

Elizabeth's Requests

Sometimes, Elizabeth will give you requests to satisfy her curiosity about the outside world. These requests can range from fusing a specific Persona, finding a certain item, accompanying her to the outside world, and more. Completing these requests will grant you rewards, so you'll find the effort worth your while.


Port Island is home to shopping establishments such as Paulownia Mall, Iwatodai Strip Mall, and Tatsumi Port Island Station. You can buy items, work part-time, and improve your abilities here.

You may encounter fresh faces in places like Paulownia Mall—popular with the youth—or Iwatodai Strip Mall, packed with tasty restaurants. Using these facilities to improve your Social Stats may lead you to meeting someone new.

Tatsumi Police Station

The Police Station located in Paulownia Mall also serves as a weapons shop for your team. The resident officer, Kurosawa, is aware of the Dark Hour and SEES, offering his assistance however he can.

Aohige Pharmacy

The pharmacy located in Paulownia Mall can be used to purchase recovery items that are sure to come in handy in your exploration of Tartarus.

Mayoido Antiques

An antique shop in Paulownia Mall owned by a Kirijo Group researcher. If you give her items you've obtained via Tartarus or Persona Conception, she can create special weapons or trade for rare items.

Be Blue V

Visit the spiritual wellness shop in Paulownia Mall to have your party members remember skills they have forgotten—useful when you're in need of changing up your battle strategies.

Network Functionality

Turning Network Functions on will allow you to see what other players chose to do after school, at night, during class, and more. When you're unsure how to spend your time, try checking this for a hint.

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